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I am fairly new to this Church, and I am really loving it. Everyone is so kind, and it is such a loving, healing environment... I came to church with a lot of apprehensions about not fitting in or being judged, and, of course,
none of that has happened.
I feel loved. There’s nothing better! I’m so grateful.
— Susan

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Men's Retreat 2019.jpg

The men of Calvary Chapel Eastside joined together with brothers across the area at the 2019 Calvary Chapel Men's Retreat in Easton. David Isaac Rivers and Hope Generation set the tone with praise and worship in this tranquil Pacific Northwest setting.

The highlight of all our friendly game competitions was human foosball (you have to see it to believe it!).

Ben Courson provided teaching from 2 Timothy, instilling in both young and old a sense of unity and divine purpose. It was an amazing time of shared faith, fellowship, and focus on our brotherhood in Jesus Christ.

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for hosting the Nite to Shine. Your enthusiasm, all the extra touches, and the graciousness of your volunteers moved me to tears. My son Matthew had an amazing time - a night he won’t forget. My husband and I would like to extend our heartfelt thank yous and prayers for the kindness you showed. Best to all of you and again a thousand Thank Yous!” - The B. Family

 “Thank you so much! Everything was so organized, done excellently and a lot of it. It is a bit like shock and awe."

"We had such a great time with your church and other community volunteers and we look forward to next year.”

We enjoyed time well spent at Coronet Bay Camp in Oak Harbor for our All Church Retreat. It's incredible how meaningful just forty two hours can be. There was time for relaxing, skipping rocks at Deception Pass beach, volleyball, soccer, frisbee and great worship, teaching and food!

Our teaching by Pastor Wayne Taylor focused on Philippians and the theme that God will complete what He has started in our hearts. With that being true, we need not worry nor fret but rather hope in God and watch how our lives are changing in Him.

"This trip was really life-changing. It was really amazing to be a part of the groups and being able to lead them. I am really stoked to go next year."


"The bike trip is one of those things I did on a whim that totally changed my life. Being outside in creation for a whole week while eating good food and spending time with real people is probably the only way to develop the sort of relationships I now have with the people I met on the bike trip. The sermons each night are so solid and refreshing, the youth group is so welcoming, and the leaders made me feel at home right away. I am so glad I went on the trip and I will definitely plan my future summers around it - I wouldn't miss it for anything."


"The bike trip, to me, is something that no basic youth group or church can do. Teens spend one whole week together building relationships with each other and growing with God at the same time. We laugh together and we even cry together because the Holy Spirit fills us up like we have never felt before. Its a trip that effects me each year and you will always remember something from those years because it hits you differently than it ever did before. If this was a cheese rating it would get 5/5 stars, but it isn't that. There is no rating that can describe it due to the fact of the Holy Spirit with us every step of the way. I encourage anyone who can go to go because its worth it and you build something special no matter what aisle you are on."


"The bike trip is a life changing trip that I look forward to every year. The sermons are fantastic and the community is just great. My favorite part about it, though, is how on the second to the last night almost everyone is willing to be vulnerable with each other and whoever isn’t speaking is there to just listen. That is something that I don’t think could simply be re-created in a normal youth group environment, and I think that is what makes the bike trip so special."


"This bike trip was one of the best trips I've been on, no doubt. I had so much fun with all these VERY inclusive, fun, loving and accepting people. The sermons that were taught were very thought provoking. The community we built on this trip was worth so much. I really feel like this youth group is a second family. I highly recommend this trip for ANYONE."

Click below to watch video highlights from Night to Shine sponsored by the Tim Tebow Association at CCE!

"Our family had a wonderful time participating in “Night to Shine”.
As volunteers we got to see just a glimpse of all the efforts that went into making the night happen. It was so fun to meet and serve alongside folks from your church, like Shirley, Wes, Gloria and Mili.

As a parent of a participating guest I was so moved by all that went into the night and the heart of each person to really make this evening so special for each of our kids. It was so great that they heard they are loved by Jesus and that they experienced that through each person there.

Big thank you again to You and your church for taking the time and huge effort to remember and make our special needs community feel and know the love of Jesus."


"I have been meaning to write you the about the Night to Shine event you and Calvary Chapel Eastside hosted. My son was one of the guests. Beforehand, he was apprehensive about attending. He was excited to be wearing his first ever suit, but he didn’t know what to expect from a prom. When I picked him up afterwards, however, he was all smiles. He said the food was delicious and the music and dancing were fun. He especially appreciated the framed picture of himself in his new suit. He had a marvelous time and is already talking about the prospect for a Night to Shine next year. What wonderful memories you have given him."

Calvary Chapel Eastside Building - front view

"My daughter biked two summers of the church's youth bike trips and couldn't have been happier. It was an enlivening experience she will never forget. Mike's sermons were a blessing to her, and there's just something special about this church overall that makes you feel like you belong there. I love how the sermons are online, for of all the churches we've gone to in Everett, none have even come close to Bellevue's Calvary Chapel Eastside."


"My wife and I spent a year looking for a church to settle our family into on the Eastside. We went through lots of great Bible churches but none of them really seemed to fit us right. Then, we finally came to CCE and were amazed at how much we liked it. The congregation is much smaller than we were used to having grown up in large churches. However, we were impressed with how friendly and inviting everyone is. Beyond this, we really love the preaching which is loving to everyone but not afraid to tell the truth of what the Bible says, which is sometimes hard to hear. We have 2 kids (6 years and 3 years) and both of them love their classes on Sunday morning. If you are looking for a new church home, you should really give CCE a try!"

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank ya'll for your quick response and incredible hospitality! Yesterday was my first time attending Calvary Eastside since moving to Washington (second time since visiting as a guest during the holiday season) and my darling twins had such a wonderful experience. They were loved and taken care of by the ladies in the nursery as if they were their own. It warmed my heart!”

Here are some comments we received from folks who attended this year:

"We had a wonderful time at the Road to Bethlehem. Thank you so much for providing such a great experience for the community. I have been sharing our funny story from that night, and my friends thought I should perhaps tell you all as well. I have three little girls, ages 8, 5, and 2. Hopefully you will find this funny and not TMI..... ;)" Read More ➨


"We want to thank you for again hosting the Road to Bethlehem. We are a part of another local church, but this production at your fellowship is a tradition for our family. We love that our children are learning that the true meaning of Christmas is the gift of salvation through Jesus. Many blessings to your congregation for working together to set up the production and to stay in character night after COLD night. We are blessed that this enactment is an important part of our traditions."


"Lead pastor and actors, my family went to your presentation for the first time this year and we were astounded by the great presentation. I wanted to let you know how it impacted our seven year old granddaughter: She said it was the best thing she has ever done and wanted to come back again. She was so moved that it will impact her the rest of her life and she will pass this along for generations. God moved in her heart and grandma and I were moved emotionally as well. Thank you so much for your hard work and please know a seven year old really came to know God at this event. God bless and Merry Christmas!"


"I wanted to send a note to say a big THANK YOU for putting on the Road to Bethlehem drive-through nativity. We have brought our two young boys (now 6 and 8) for four (or maybe five!?) years now and it has become our favorite Christmas-time tradition by far. Each year this is consistently at the TOP of their list of things to do. We even drove through twice this year, once was Friday on the day my oldest son (8) had oral surgery but that didn't keep him away - he rallied to see it again, since it was the last night. :)

With so many other potential distractions at the holidays, it is a gift to have such a production that focuses on Jesus coming to save us. It is one Christmas activity I have no hesitation recommending to others and I know so many friends who attend each year as well and bring their family visiting from out of town, some of whom are not believers, so it serves as a fabulous outreach opportunity as well.

I am sure it is a significant feat to pull off each year and we always comment how amazing it is that people are willing to stand outside for hours in freezing temperatures (and often rain) for multiple nights just to share the good news of Jesus. Thank you for sacrificing and serving our community in this way. We are grateful, as I know so many others are as well."