Sermon Videos

These links take you to our sermon library on If you would like to download a sermon, click the title of the video. You will navigate to the video's details page where you will see a Download button. If you click the "Latest Sermon" link, you must first load a video into the player at the top of the page by clicking the thumbnail, then you can click the video title for the Download button.

Sermon Podcasts on iTunes

If you'd like to play the sermon video or audio on your Apple device, click either the "SD" (Standard Definition, suitable for small screens) or the "HD" (High Definition) buttons to see the iTunes page for that podcast. If you are using a Windows device, you can also install iTunes for streaming podcast content. Using iTunes, selected sermons will download to your device and be ready for offline listening or viewing any time!

Sermon Podcasts

To subscribe using a podcasting app other than iTunes, you'll need to copy and paste the URL from one of the podcast locations below into your computer or mobile device's podcasting app. Please note: different web browsers show raw podcast feeds in very different ways. The important thing you need is the podcast URL so you can add it to your favorite podcast app.

Sermon Audio Archives

Audio-only sermons created before 2/21/2016 are not available in the podcast feed. However, you can listen to them here.

Special Events