August 22, 2019

Dearest Flock -

For those who would like to get the most out of this week's worship service, I suggest carefully reading the prescribed passage and prayerfully chewing on the following questions:

New Moon Rising
1 Samuel 20:1-23

  1. David is anxious for his life during this New Moon, which caused the darkest nights. Metaphorically speaking, why should a new moon (darkest night of the soul) cause an anxious believer to hold fast the profession of his faith? Proverbs 4:18

  2. The stone Ezel (departure) was a place of waiting for David (v. 19).
    It was a vulnerable place where he would soon be required to leave behind everyone he loved – everyone, that is, but God. Do you feel alone and weak? Can you wait alone with God by your stone
    Ezel? Dan 2:34-35; Isa 28:16

  3. Meditate (think deeply) over Psalm 46:10, "Be still and know that I am God", each morning this week. Hold fast to His unfailing love as you navigate all the dark places of discouragement, knowing that He will never leave or forsake you! Rejoice in the God of your salvation, deliverance, future, and hope.

Bon Appétit,

P.S. WE ENCOURAGE EVERYONE to download the free YouVersion app and begin each day with the verse of the day. YouVersion has the added benefit of chronicling all our upcoming events with hyperlinks for easy registration/participation. This is an excellent way to stay connected at CCE! :)

P.P.S. Use online concordance (i.e. www.blueletterbible.org or www.preceptaustin.org) to look up keywords, etc.