Our purpose at Calvary Chapel Eastside is to glorify God by pointing people to Jesus Christ, who alone is sufficient for our every need. Our greatest desire is to help people know Christ and fully receive His love. In response to His love, we as a church have three goals.

Our first goal is to love God (the Father, our Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit) with all
of our hearts, minds, and lives (Matthew 22:37-38). For this reason, in our gatherings, we have three priorities:

  1. Teaching God's Word so that we might truly know Him and know how He wants us to love Him.

  2. Worshiping God by singing praises to Him with our hearts and our voices.

  3. Seeking God in prayer; relying on His Spirit to enable us to fulfill His purpose
    for us.

Out of our love for God, our second goal is to love each other as members together
in God's family (John 13:34-35). For this reason, we provide opportunities for fellowship, friendship, and service in our church body to help us grow in becoming a genuine family. We desire that every person who attends Calvary Chapel Eastside would have
a sense of being both loved and needed.

Finally, our third goal is to love our world (Acts 1:8). We pursue this goal in two ways:

  1. We as individuals desire to live and share the Gospel in our homes and communities.

  2. We as a church body, led by the Holy Spirit, endeavor to share the good news
    of Jesus Christ in all the earth.

With this as our purpose, our prayer is that we would freely allow the Holy Spirit
to bring forth that fruit of Christ's love in each of our lives and gatherings.