Live Nativity 2017

A huge thank you to everyone who participated as an actor, helper, or attended our live nativity!

Here are some comments we received from folks who attended this year:

"We had a wonderful time at the Road to Bethlehem.  Thank you so much for providing such a great experience for the community.  I have been sharing our funny story from that night, and my friends thought I should perhaps tell you all as well.  I have three little girls, ages 8, 5, and 2.  Hopefully you will find this funny and not TMI.....   ;)"

Last night I took the girls to "Road to Bethlehem" at a church in Bellevue.  It's a very cool interactive nativity experience, you drive on the 'Road to Bethlehem' and stop at various stations where characters (Wisemen, Shepherds, etc.) talk about their role in the nativity.  You never get out of the car, kinda like a Christmas wildlife safari. 

Anyway, it's pretty popular so we are waiting with a long row of cars in front of us, and a long row behind us, totally blocked in.  As we are almost to the start, Mia pipes up from the back that she has to go potty.  I ask if she can hold it, she says yes.  Good.  But two minutes later when we are just about to start, she says she really has to go and no she can not hold it.  Roger had to work late, so it's just the kids and me.  There is no way to get out of the line and if I abandon my car and take her inside the church, the whole road stops too.  I happen to still have a toddler potty in the trunk of the car, cause...I guess I'm just that mom.  Evie pulls it out and in a panic cause the cars are starting to move, I say, 'Go!  Go!  Do your business fast, you can't pee in Bethlehem!"  She hurries (sort of, in her Mia kinda way) and has just buckled her seat belt as we pull up to the first station. 

Out of NOWHERE, a Roman Solider appears at Mia's window and says, "HALT!   State your business at once!"  Mia screams and cry-shouts back at him, "I really had to go!!!!!"  Evie, in, I'm going to assume an act of solidarity, throws her coat over the potty, shielding it from view.  Nora, also in an act of solidarity, scream-cries too.  The Roman Solider is very confused and backs off.  He half says his lines about the census from a respectable distance.  A random shepherd then appears at my window to ask if everything is okay.  I mumble something about the kids being surprised but we are all fine, yes, we would like to continue to Bethlehem.

The car quiets down and I hear Evie grumble to Mia, "I told you there's no peeing in Bethlehem."  

"We want to thank you for again hosting the Road to Bethlehem. We are a part of another local church, but this production at your fellowship is a tradition for our family. We love that our children are learning that the true meaning of Christmas is the gift of salvation through Jesus. Many blessings to your congregation for working together to set up the production and to stay in character night after COLD night. We are blessed that this enactment is an important part of our traditions."

"Lead pastor and actors, my family went to your presentation for the first time this year and we were astounded by the great presentation.  I wanted to let you know how it impacted our seven year old granddaughter: She said it was the best thing she has ever done and wanted to come back again.  She was so moved that it will impact her the rest of her life and she will pass this along for generations.  God moved in her heart and grandma and I were moved emotionally as well.  Thank you so much for your hard work and please know a seven year old really came to know God at this event. God bless and Merry Christmas!"