The Awana program is a great way for young people to memorize the Bible.  Knowing what the Bible says and how God wants us to live out our faith is vitally important to our spiritual health and the future of our children.

Awana Registration is now closed!

What happens at Awana?

  • Awana night begins at 7pm sharp with worship, prayer, and a flag ceremony in the Sanctuary.

  • Each group will participate in three areas: game time, large group time, and handbook time.

  • Game time provides kids with a chance to engage in healthy competition while learning to work as a team.

  • Large group time is a brief study to learn about what the weekly verse means and how it applies to our lives.

  • Handbook time gives kids the opportunity to recite their weekly verse from memory as well as extra credit verses. This is also a great opportunity for the kids to get to know their leaders!

  • Parents can pick up their kids at 8:30pm sharp in the Sanctuary.

Awana Clubs

Cubbies: ages 3 to 5 (must be potty trained)
Sparks: Kindergarten through 2nd grade
Truth and Training: 3rd through 6th grade

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