What to Expect

As well as teaching from the Bible, live worship and fellowship, Calvary Chapel Eastside provides age appropriate teaching for all your children's needs.  We have nursery, 2 & 3 year old, and 4  year old classes on the first floor, in rooms 101, ,102 and 103, directly off of the sanctuary.  We have 5 year old children through 6th grade upstairs in rooms 203 through 205, with corporate worship in room 201, where the kids will initially meet at the start of worship. 

What is God's Rods? Check out one of their performances!

God's Rods

Are you in 5th through 8th grade? Do you love to tell people about Jesus? Join God's Rods, and learn to share the love of God through musical skits. Contact Sue Irvin for more information.

Children's Church

At the same time adult services meet, the children gather in their respective age groups. This allows a better opportunity to instruct them on their own level, and
for parents to sit without distraction during the message.

  • Parents are invited to come see what is happening in Children's Church. We are located in the Sunday School Wing on the west side of the building.

  • Parents should bring all infants, crawlers, walkers, and toddlers to the Nursery, which is located in Room 101,
    on the first floor.

Growing In God (GIG) is our 5th & 6th grade class, which is dedicated to teaching them a Christian Worldview and how
to defend their faith in our postmodern culture.  Curriculum involves early church history, creationism though intelligent design vs. evolution, and demolishing strongholds in our modern culture.  An annual retreat is held in May at Calvary Chapel Eastside. 

KidCheck Registration

All children must be signed in through KidCheck stations on the first floor, near the Lobby Information Booth. Parents can set up accounts through the KidCheck app or website, at home on any computer or smart device.

After signing in to their child's class, a child badge
for each child and a guardian receipt will be printed
on the label writer.  Children must wear their badges
for the entire time they are in the children's wing, and parents MUST have a guardian receipt to enter the children's wing and pick up their child(ren).  We take the safety of our kids very seriously and hope that our procedures will give parents a strong sense of security. 

KidCheck Express

Parents can now sign in to KidCheck from their smart phone or tablet!  First, you will need to download the KidCheck Mobile App from the App Store or Google Play.  Once you've installed it, you can sign in with your KidCheck user ID and password, and then complete the check-in process on your phone, from home, the car, the parking lot – wherever there’s an internet or cellular data connection!  When you arrive, simply tap ‘submit’ on your device to complete the final check-in step. The KidCheck PrintHub Express recognizes the check-in and prints the associated child name badges, guardian receipts, and volunteer badges.  Fast and easy!

Children's Ministry Vision Statement

Here at Calvary Chapel Eastside, we teach our children to understand the whole counsel of God. Children need a God they can believe in. David facing down the giant with a raggedy slingshot, Daniel sitting in the corner petting a cuddly lion, and Noah leading cutesy animals two by two up the plank all make great bulletin board décor, but left without explanation, they become religious images void of power. Children need to understand the substance of a Bible story. Noah trusted God when the whole world laughed at God. David believed the promises of God covered even big, loud giants. Daniel prayed openly to God in front of people who where trying to depose him from his favored position
with the king. In each case, God proved to be reliable.

The Bible is full of stories about real people who overcame real problems by making right choices. Making good choices will defeat bad circumstances. We want to help our kids understand that lots of bad things will happen in this world, but their response will determine what quality of life they experience. Their choices of right and wrong will make the difference, even when circumstances rise up against them. We want to let kids know they don’t have to live under the dictatorship of circumstances. There is power in making right choices.

Many kids in the Bible accomplished feats for God before they grew up. Samuel served God in the temple. A Jewish servant girl sent a military commander to a prophet to get healed of leprosy. David dropped Goliath. Josiah turned a nation back to God. A boy donated fish and bread so Jesus could feed a crowd. The only thing we know about Jesus between His birth and His baptism is that He had to be “about His Father’s business.” All were kids. Here at CCE, we want to encourage kids to pray for others, share their faith, lead praise and worship, and serve in the church. We want them to be about their Father’s business, to be disciples of Jesus.

It is our objective not only to teach good values, but to lead kids to an authentic relationship with God. Life skills are vital and should be taught, but knowing God is better than having values. When a storm hits, a solid relationship
with the living Lord is stabilizing while values get shaken. It is our knowledge of God that provides what we need for life and godliness (2 Peter 1:2-4). We want to help kids to know God. They will be drawn to whatever we focus on, so at CCE we choose to focus on God. It is the knowledge of God that will impact their lives, by teaching them about God, His character, His promises, and His plans.