Calvary Chapel Leipzig: Kurt & Tiffany Ibbotson

Ibbotsons - Leipzig-1.jpg

We moved to Germany to be missionaries in 1998.  In 2000, we began having services at Calvary Chapel Leipzig, Germany.

Kurt's main ministry at Calvary Chapel Leipzig is being the senior pastor.  This entails teaching at least twice a week, teaching at the school of discipleship, serving as an elder, counseling, visitation, outreach, Bible study, and prayer.  Outside of church activities Kurt spends one day a week helping out at a refugee camp, and is very much involved at the elementary school his kids attend.

Tiffany's main ministry is being a wife and mother. She leads the women's ministry, helps out in the children's ministry, with counseling, and reaches out to the needy and broken women in church.

Simon (June 2001) is outgoing and has taken over the worship in the church.  He also helps out with the children's ministry, as well as with the refugees.

Andrew (May 2003) is quiet and shy but enjoys helping out each Sunday with the sound.

Lillia (August 2005) loves children and helps with children's ministry and loves watching the kids after church so their parents can fellowship.

James (May 2007) is very outgoing, he is very effective in reaching out to the kids at the refugee camp, and loves going around church making people feel special.