Dan was raised in Central Montana as a typical "church going" boy and after high school attended the Lutheran Bible Institute in Seattle being inspired to do so by witnessing the conversation of his older sister and brother when they each attended LBI.

Dan dedicated his life to Christ at the age of 18 while attending LBI. Having grown up being an active musician, he was naturally drawn into full-time music ministry for 9 years traveling worldwide working with many organizations and performing at churches, military bases, colleges, high schools, prisons, etc., which is where he met his wife Mili when she joined the group. This musical background set the stage for them to be a worship leaders here at CCE.

Dan's desire for members of CCE, or any congregation, is that worship would become a direct and personal response to God in a musical setting... that the lyrics to the worship songs would be more than just words on a screen but would become an individual's heart cry to the Father.

Dan and his wife, Mili, have been married since 1975, live in Kirkland, WA. They have raised two daughters who also love Jesus. They have been members of CCE since 1999.

Dan Nelson - Elder

Dan Nelson

Elder since 2018