Advocates For Success in Africa/Zambia: Jamie Bagge

Jamie Bagge in Zambia

Advocates for Success In Africa (AFSIA) has been helping hundreds of vulnerable Zambian children attend school for over five years now.  Jamie Bagge began volunteering with orphans in Zambia in 2003, and then after 10 years, founded AFSIA with her father and brother, John Eckle Sr and Jr, in 2013.  All three have been so blessed to be a part of these children’s lives, and to be able to help provide the opportunity for them to have an education and the hope of finding a way to climb out of the poverty or unfortunate circumstances which they find themselves in.  

Currently, AFSIA is sponsoring 137+ students in primary, secondary, vocational, and college level schools.  Many of these students come from backgrounds that prevent them from being able to attend school on their own without help - either one or both of their parents have died, their guardians have abandoned them, or they are being raised by uneducated or ill parents or grandparents.  Some of our students live in city compounds with limited access to food, water and electricity, and others are from rural village areas where secondary schools, churches and medical clinics are not available and where poverty and illiteracy is common.  AFSIA is in the process of building a secondary school in one of these rural villages so that the impoverished children in that area can attend.

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For a holistic approach in helping with these children, AFSIA is also sponsoring a local Zambian pastor to disciple these students in their spiritual lives.  He holds a weekly program of Bible study, worship, prayer and scripture memory.  He is there for them when often times they don’t have a reliable adult for wisdom and counsel in their lives.  These students are involved in service projects to the poor and the elderly in their communities.  We also send 50-75 students to Bible camp each year for additional discipleship and mission outreach to Zambia. 

In addition to school sponsorship, AFSIA is also sends 500 Bibles to Zambia each year, and funds various humanitarian needs such as wheelchairs, mattresses for those sleeping on the floor, food for the elderly, etc.  We also have sponsored HIV/AIDS training, baby nutrition programs, and tailoring classes for widows.

AFSIA would welcome you to join us in prayer and finances to help the children of Zambia be educated and trained in Christian service, for the Name of Jesus to be lifted high in that country.  These precious young Christian believers are praying for God to help them, and it’s such a blessing to be a part of that answer and to help them find what God wants to do in their lives and through them for His glory. 

Tax deductible donations can be made through Paypal at  or by check at the following address:

PO Box 6762
Bellevue, WA 98008