Sue has been a Christian since she was a young child, never having had a "conversion" experience, just always loving her Jesus. Her second love has been kids, and sharing her First Love with them. It's been Sue's great desire to find and teach in a creative and entertaining way that excites kids to know more about their Creator and Savior. She loves using attention-grabbing illusions, storytelling, visual media and puppets to minister to kids.

She has been involved in teaching children since 1987. Sue began as a Sunday School teacher when her own kids were very young because there was a need. She firmly believes that if God shows you a need, He wants you to fill it. 

It's important to her that our kids know they can serve Him right now, they can have an impact for the kingdom and don't need to wait until they are grown ups. So it is her objective to provide opportunities for them to use their gifts and talents at their ripe young age.

How glorious to be a participant in His great plan!

Sue Irvin - Children's Ministry Director

Sue Irvin

Children's Ministry Director