Our mission team from Langley, B.C. recently returned from a week of serving at Riverside Calvary Chapel and hosting various outreaches in the area.  Thank you for your prayers regarding this mission!


Assistant Pastor Rob Lee from Riverside Calvary Chapel had this to say about our team:

Hello Pastor, this is Rob. I am one of the assistant pastors here at Riverside Calvary Chapel. I really felt the need to email you and let you know what a blessing your group was here in Langley. It's hard to put into words all the ways they helped us and loved on us, let alone how they infiltrated the community here with the love of Jesus Christ! In a real practical way, they took the weight off of many shoulders. Personally speaking, I had my leg amputated because of cancer a couple of years back and have not been able to share the weight of caring for our property with my wife. To see your people out in the back of my place, alleviating hours of laborious work off her shoulders, it brought me to tears. Thank them! You are a blessed Pastor!

In Christ
Asst. Pastor Rob Lee


(Mission Trip pictures courtesy of Melissa Saunders and Pastor Dave Caldeira.)